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Iron Liz ([personal profile] punsofiron) wrote in [community profile] itsjustooc2013-03-06 06:58 pm

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I'd just like a take a moment to apologize for my even greater lack of activity of late. Besides my general motivation trouble and focusing on a bigger, more time-consuming project, I was hit by a car on Saturday night and am still recovering from the physical and emotional fallout of that. I finally got a working USB keyboard so I can do more on the laptop without having to lean forward to reach it, so I will try to catch up on tags and get some general activity in again assuming my motivation comes back to me and I don't end up just sleeping away half the week or something. I'm really sorry about all this, especially since Liz is such a big organizer of the Good Guy meeting, but I hope you guys can bear with me a little more.

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