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Welcome to It's Just A Game's own strange version of endgame! First off, it seems your characters returning to their normal universe has done a little something extra with the matter transferrence any previously played and dropped character has the ability to return to the Satellite for any given amount of time! If you are a current player and have a dropped character you’d like to bring back for any event, or you’re a dropped player and want to bring back any character, you are welcome to!

The Twin-Screw Universal Controller is now available for anyone to use in the cockpit. However, there is always a Cambot there keeping watch, so you won't be able to use it without being seen by others. The Twin-Screw Universal Controller is exceedingly simple; just a metal box with nothing more than two toggles.

Any character that wants to can come up and pull one or both of the switches. If they do, something will happen. That something will be described in an OOC post or comment in that same post, or a separate one.

What will happen? Well, there's exactly 1000 different possibilities, and any one of those could happen! Remember, the Twin-Screw Universal Controller literally controls everything. It could be something as simple as flushing all the toilets on the SOL. It could be as drastic as sending every character home and ending the game early. It could be something good, like every character getting $100 for free! It could be something really terrible, like the moon exploding. It could be something that affects the SOL itself, or your characters’ appearance, opinions or abilities. It could be something that directly affects morale points. It could even be something that OOCly affects you, the player! There's no way of knowing until you pull the switch.

There are two kinds of effects that can happen when the switch is pulled, and that will determine if the Twin-Screw Universal controller can be reset or not:

Instantaneous: This is pretty self-explanatory. The effect happens instantly, just once, and then doesn't occur again or keep occurring. This is usually something like characters receiving a gift or all the doors on Deck 2 closing. The Twin-Screw Universal Controller does not need to be reset if you get an Instantaneous Effect, and you can use it again immediately.

Continuous: This effect will persist or continue until the Twin-Screw Universal Controller is reset. This can be something like the top five decks slowly filling up with chocolate pudding, or your characters growing horns. The vast majority of effects you can potentially get are continuous ones. However, due to the Twin-Screw Universal Controller still malfunctioning, if you pull the switch and get a continuous effect, the switches cannot be pulled again for two IC days (four days OOCly), which means your characters are stuck with whatever happens for two days at the very least. Keep in mind that all of this will continue to affect morale (sometimes directly!) Once the Twin-Screw Universal Controller has been reset, it can be pulled again for a new effect. Once it’s reset, the previous continuous effect will vanish, and a new effect will pop up. You can’t reset the Twin-Screw to any “neutral” position, though...the only way to stop a continuous effect is to pull the switch again after two days and get something new.

Your goal is to get morale to that highest level that will enable Joel to get his ship up here and fix the Twin-Screw Universal controller so that everyone can get home! That failing, just do your best to survive what the Twin-Screw Universal Controller brings so that Joel can get up here the long and hard way!

The question now you dare to test your luck, pull the switch and find out what happens?

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