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It's Just A Game Mods ([personal profile] itsjustthemads) wrote in [community profile] itsjustooc2013-04-01 10:41 pm
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Twin-Screw Effect: Something In Your Throat?

The Twin-Screw Universal Controller has been used again, and again by Amaterasu! The continuous effect has been reset, returning characters to normal, although they will retain all memories of being under the "Raised By Wolves" effect.

The effect this time is Something in Your Throat? Random characters around the ship will suddenly cough up any random object. It can be anything that could conceivably work...a comb, a lighter, a pen, a scarf, you name it. Characters won't have any memory of actually swallowing the object; it's just suddenly there.

This effect is instantaneous, and is over as soon as characters finish coughing something up. The Twin-Screw Universal Controller can be used again right away.

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