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Name:It's Just A Game - OOC Comm
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Community description:An MST3K online role-playing game - OOC community

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In the not-too-distant future, way down in Deep 13
Dr. Forrester and T.V.’s Frank were hatching an evil scheme
They hired a temp by the name of Mike
Just a regular Joe they didn’t like
Their experiment needed a good test case,
So they conked him on the noggin and they shot him into spaaace!

But now there’s lots more characters
Just appearing on this ship (lalala!)
You’ll have to stay and help out Mike
If you want to end this trip (lalala!)

Now keep in mind that as they say,
Laughter’s the best medicine (lalala!)
So create some laughs and riff some books
If you want to get home agaaaain!

Mike! (that dumb human!)
The bots! (all of them!)
Mad scientists! (run the show!)

If you’re wondering how to eat and breathe,
And other science facts (lalala!)
Just repeat to yourself, It’s Just A Game,
I should really just relax!


It’s Just A Game is a panfandom Mystery Science Theater 3000 roleplaying game combined with a sporking community. A knowledge of MST3K is helpful but not necessary to play in the game. It’s Just A Game is primarily crack in a slice-of-life setting, but with some adventure/exploration on the side as the game progresses.

It’s Just A Game allows any characters from any medium, including very cracky or unusual canons, as long as they are canon-based. Characters are encouraged to raise morale through humor and various activities in the face of a variety of crack-flavored events, with the hope that raising morale high enough will enable them to return home. Players are especially encouraged to sign their characters up as participants in the bi-weekly sporking sessions, which drive the premise of the game. However, players are not required to spork in order to play in the game.


+ Premise + Rules + General FAQ + Riff FAQ + Application +
+ Taken Characters and Reservations + Character Requests + Mod Contact +

+ Around the SOL and Deep 13 + Riff Signups + Riff Suggestions +
+ Event Suggestions + Hexfield + Morale Points System +

+ Logs Comm + Cambot Comm + OOC Comm +
+ Player Contact List + Feedback + Hiatus List + Drop List + +

The game is now closed. Thanks for your interest!

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